Letter from Corrine Charlson

Am I the only person in Eau Claire that is opposed to razing historic South Barstow buildings.  I cannot envision the Confluence concept, even with glorious drawings gracing pages of our local newspaper for months.  These beautiful old buildings are prime property for renovation into stores/apartments suggested by the Confluence/University.  Old Luttrell Photograph was renovated several years ago into ground-floor business/great apartment above.  This can be done to Northern State, Fashion Store, Scandinavian Imports, Stevensons, etc. 

 My family is fourth generation Eau Clairites.  I am humbled to have been born/raised in this beautiful city.  My grandfather was part owner/architect of E.M. Fish Company (Met Credit parking lot), who built many historical homes in Eau Claire.  He may have been involved in construction of those historic buildings.  The lies put forth by Confluence constituents stating these buildings are built on sawdust/sand!  How outrageous!  And disrespectful to the intelligence/knowledge of our ancestors!  Is it possible they would be  standing 100 years later!  A bold faced lie.  Built on shale and rock, solid!  Cracks, of course.  Any building 100 years old has cracks that can be mended. 

 University does not need to be downtown.  Stay on University property,  recently acquired for over a million.  Art center built in a flood zone?  No!  Priory Road land, perfect with gorgeous city view.  Many acres available.  One comment at Planning Commission meeting, the University should be “spread around town.”  Really!  Student housing is found in all city wards.  Dorms should be on University property.  Let private investors build dorms; currently West Clairemont.  Away from rivers to help with a serious University problem of “drinking and drowning.”  Have we heard this mentioned before?

 Will others be stimulated to speak out in favor of preserving historic downtown?  “Breathe new life into the old.”  Leave Eau Claire with character/charm.

 Corinne Charlson


1 thought on “Letter from Corrine Charlson

  1. mitchamtoo

    I couldn’t agree more. Other cities have preserved and maintained their historical building, which has brought a ton of business and money to those cities! There are three historical theatres in downtown Minneapolis, all of which have been restored to their former elegance and which now bring a lot of tourism dollars to downtown Minneapolis, money that could be coming in to downtown Eau Claire if the gorgeous State Theatre was refurbished! That is a beautiful building! There were so many beautiful buildings in downtown Eau Claire, and now so few left. Please stop destroying them!


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